Atmocean is developing its patents-pending wave-driven ocean upwelling system to cool the upper ocean and enhance natural biological processes to absorb CO2. When widely deployed across critical ocean regions, the Atmocean technology may help fight global warming by sequestering significant amounts of CO2 in the deep ocean, reduce hurricane intensity, help revive ocean fisheries, and mitigate coral reef bleaching.

The "Hungry Oceans"
Aired September 5, 2008 on the Discovery Channel


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The "Hungry Ocean" Discovery Channel Program that aired September 5, 2008 was short on important details - including introduction of the scientists, key details on the scientific hypothesis, some engineering & design details, the "big picture", and possible next steps. Therefore Atmocean has added some general information  of this nature. 

The viewer should understand that this Program and those individuals who appear in it (with the exception of Dr. Brian Von Herzen) are not affiliated with Atmocean and do not endorse Atmocean's designs and applications of our wave-driven upwelling pumps. Please read the Karl-Letelier paper (click here) to understand all aspects and limitations of the science portrayed in "Hungry Ocean".