The Atmocean Cleantech Business

By incorporating both upwelling and power generation on each multipurpose Wave Energy/Sequestration Technology (WEST-tm) device, our technology generates renewable electricity from ocean waves and helps amplify the natural ocean CO2 sequestration process, while supporting the ocean food chain to grow more wild fish and help overcome the reduced productivity caused by stratification from global warming. As a side benefit for ocean scientists, the buoys offer an excellent site for ocean sensors to supplement critically-needed ocean data.

To achieve its very low estimated electricity cost of 2.4 cents ($0.024) per kilowatt-hour, WEST devices are connected one-to-the-next extending out to the country's 200 mile ocean exclusive economic zone (EEZ). Each device converts up-and-down wave motion to hydraulic pressure which is then sent by 120 meter-deep flexible hose to shore-based electrical generators. Because WEST devices operate far from shore where the waves are bigger and more consistent, the electricity produced should qualify as baseload renewable power for the grid - when you flip the switch, the electricity comes on.

Baseload power capability is critical since most renewable energy (solar, wind) is intermittent and requires backup generators (usually fossil-fueled), defeating the economic feasibility of renewable energy and missing out on the environmental benefits.

Provided with GPS and navigation warning lights and reflectors, Atmocean WEST devices are made from natural & inert materials to avoid any ocean contamination. These devices use 100% wave energy to mildly stimulate natural ocean biology, simultaneously generating hydraulic pressure to operate the onshore power generators.
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