Pump Technology

Atmocean has conducted 21 ocean tests of various sizes and depths of our wave-driven pumps. We have progressed from 10” diameter to 44” diameter and from 200’ depth to over 1,000’ depth. With each pump diameter, and at each depth, we have measured temperatures at the bottom and top of the pump, and we consistently see cold deep water reach the top of the pump. We also have installed a motion sensor on the valve to track opening and closing which corresponds to wave periods. Shown here are some data from these tests.

In addition, we now are outfitting our buoys with satellite telemetry, GPS, and ocean sensors so we can follow our drifting pumps drifting with the currents. Pictured here is the path of a recent deployment off the Western US. The pump is following the California current southbound at roughly 2 kmh.

We now offer tube and tubeless models of pumps which can be tailored to produce application-appropriate upwelling. Either design can be inverted to generate downwelling, useful in combatting anoxic conditions and “dead zones”. And we now offer a model suited for low-wave conditions.

To discuss your particular requirements, please contact Philip W. Kithil, CEO, at [email protected]